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Glyphicons for MVC Razor Tools

Glyphicons for MVC Razor Tools provides a set of objects to use Glyphicons (via Bootstrap 3) directly in MVC Razor views. This library provides a class for creating a font, pre-defined classes for all fonts, pre-defined styles as well as extension methods for HtmlHelper.

This library uses the free version of Glyphicons. For more information on the Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons see You must follow the licensing guidelines specified at when using this library.

Icons and styles can be selected using IntelliSense within Visual Studio so you do not need to lookup the class name for each icon or know the styles.


To install Glyphicons for MVC Razor Tools, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Mvc.RazorTools.Glyphicons

Simple Usage

This library uses simple syntax to display an icon. IntelliSense on the GlyphiconsSet will reveal the full list of icons available.


To create a large icon use


A full set of styles can be seen via IntelliSense on the GlyphiconsSet class.

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